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Timothy Taylor’s – Landlord Pale Ale

February 1, 2011

This was an impulse buy whilst having gone into Waitrose to buy a bottle of wine at the weekend, you see when visiting your local store as regularly as I do and walking up and down the beer aisle hoping for something new and exciting to drink but only finding pretty much the same brands restocked every week is disappointing. So its always nice to see the local store break the mould and get something non commercial in, last time it was the Swedish God Lager which was nice.

I was very pleased to find Timothy Taylor Landlord on the shelf, I know of these beers and last had a pint when I was up in Harrogate in the Old Bell Tavern. A very old Yorkshire brewery with a history going back as far as 1858, still going strong and with now a established chain of own pubs nationwide.

Landlord is a classic multi award winning Pale Ale four times as CAMRA’s beer of the year, its not very strong unlike the label suggests 4.1% ABV  and in a nice 500ml sized bottle lesser size would be not acceptable. Pours a lovely golden orange with a nice lasting head with a little lace. The aroma gives some caramel but more hop citrus with delicate and fresh flowery notes. It ends with a dry long beautiful finish, very well balanced with lots of nice hop character.

My ratings:

Timothy Taylor Landlord 4.1% ABV – 8/10

Do visit the Timothy Taylor website for more information and most of all do look out for this excellent session Bitter, a proper classic British beer that i would choose over most beers.

My purchase was made at Waitrose 27 Motcomb Street, London, SW1X 8GG im sure its in other branches too.

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