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Seaweed Beer – Tonnerre de Brest

January 31, 2011

Up until recently I’d heard about Seaweed Skin treatments (not that i have had one) and even Edible seaweed but Seaweed beer hmm! So when I saw this bottle the Inspector Clouseau in me had to investigate so I invested in  a bottle.

A while back on a trip to France for a trade fair I had sampled Seaweed and from what I remember it was fried and then seasoned with a little herbs, quite nice actually never had green crisps before. Thinking about it that’s what my local Chinese has on its menu.

Seaweed I’m told is a super food healthy good source of B-vitamins and can be eaten raw or cooked a few call it a sea vegetable, it may be new to western cultures but the Japanese and Chinese have been eating it as a delicacy since ancient times. Another thing I found out Seaweed is high in Protein I always wondered from where veggies managed get Protein!

Tonnerre de Brest is a 6.5% Organic ale, pours an Amber colour with a small white head. You can defiantly pick up the smells of the seas, reminds me of the smell of Leigh on Sea when i was there with my family few months back. You pick up fruit and spice notes quite sweet but then there is something vinegary (seaweed maybe) not in a bad way. A very unusual beer bit thin bodied but im gonna say it ‘its drinkable’

My ratings:

Tonnerre de Brest 6.5% ABV – 4/10

I was going to point you to the website but it would not open and according to its one of the 100 best herded/spiced beers in the world!!! Where have i been living all this time hmm……

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