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Brodies’s Organic East London Gold

January 23, 2011

I am a fan of Organic beers even Organic foods and it’s great to see the efforts what these producers, brewers are doing and their approach in helping to deliver sustainable solutions towards a low-carbon future. I don’t look at Organic as a fad and I’m sure these brewers don’t either as most of them brew very good non Organic beers too, so they are not trying to ram just ‘organic’ down our throats it’s a choice.

I truly believe Organic is great for your well-being and as much it is for the environment plus it’s kind to animals and wildlife, our Organic farms are havens for wildlife and provide homes for bees, birds and butterflies to name a few so can you imagine what harm these synthetic growth promoters (fertilisers) and  pesticides are doing. Just one example in the last two years there has been a massive worldwide drop in Bee numbers, if bees were to be wiped out the result could be very dire as so much of the human food supplies depend on Bee pollination and yes this is all caused by the insecticides, fertilisers currently being used in non organic agriculture.

Organic foods are grown/produced without the use of any fertilizers or pesticides, It is in a way going back to ancestral ways of farming. Organically grown foods have to be certified by third-party certifying agencies before being labeled “organic.” These foods have to adhere to stringent standards laid down by government agencies, like the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP), UK Soil Association, Europe’s EU-Eco Regulation and so on. A farm has to farm “organically” for three years before its produce can be certified as “organic.” Until then its produce is labeled “in conversion.”

East London’s Brodie’s Brewery which I discovered last year and to my joy is only 4 miles if that from my house, they are one of a small but increasing group of new London breweries popping up recently and I’m very happy this one is in my manor. Started up only in June 2008 when owners Jamie and Lizzie Brodie took over an abandoned brewery in Leyton and at my last count currently have 21 different beers on offer……now I call that good going. My current favourite UK brewed Organic beers are the selections from Black Isle breweryStroud Brewery and Daas from Belgium, all bottle conditioned beers and available at all good beer retailers not just Organic food retailers.

Brodie’s Organic offering is called the East London Gold it’s a 3.5% ABV bottle conditioned ale, pours pale golden colour with a good head, pleasant sweet floral hops and a dry bitter ending and you know what the 3.5% ABV makes it very suppable. The labels state each bottle is filled, sealed and labeled by the brewer himself, I bet he must be a very busy man.

My ratings:

Brodie’s Organic East London Gold 3.5% ABV – 6/10

One of several places you can enjoy Brodie’s beers is at King William IV which is right next door to the brewery 816A High Road Leyton, London, E10 6AE, it’s a proper East End boozer with beer at £1.99 a pint it’s definitely my kind of place.

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